Jan. 11th, 2015 10:37 pm
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I thought that since I made a post showing the kind of rock that I like, I should make a post showing the kind of metal I enjoy too.

So here it is!

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I noticed that a lot of people seem to like Panic at the Disco, and I thought I should listen to more of their music, since I'd only really heard "that one song with the 'goddamn door'" all the way back in my Kerrang! days (and I hadn't liked that much, but). Sadly, though, it seems they still remain "not my kind of rock." :(

But that got me thinking: what IS my kind of rock? Which then led me to rediscovering three songs by Aikawa Nanase that I used to love back in the day. Hell yes! So thank you, panicking disco people, even if I am unable to appreciate your music as I'd wish.

Anyway, lemme just spam some rock that I enjoy because I can:

What IS my kind of rock? +Yoochoob )

In other news, I didn't mention that I got two free CDs from Rakuten due to Super Points madness! Have acquired 'Simply the Best' by Tina Turner (AT FUCKING LAST - I had it on cassette but obviously that's of little use to me now) and 'Friday's Child' by Will Young. Yusssss.

Okay, blimey, I have spent way too long gathering rock songs that I enjoy and I must now fly, although I feel pleased to be sharing so much fabulous music. Aww yiss. Music is a wonderful and amazing invention, ahhhh

But yes. Gute Nacht, m'dears! May your ears be graced by the most excellent of sounds.
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