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Semi-final 1 (14.05.13.)

(YouTube links will be updated as soon as footage from this Semi-Final is available.)

1: Natália Kelly - Shine (Austria)
Beginning and verse seemed pretty cool, but then it got to the chorus and... meh. Certainly not one of Austria's best. Honestly, I preferred it when they just entered wacky shit all the time. Ms. Kelly does have a good voice, though.

2: Birgit - Et uus saaks alguse (Estonia)
The lyrics are in Estonian, yaaay! ... But the song isn't doing much for me. It's nice, but... ehh *shrug*

3: Hannah - Straight Into Love (Slovenia)
WUB WUB WUB! Not bad, though not amazing. Could grow on me, however.

4: Klapa s Mora - Mižerja (Croatia)
Okay, now this is pretty nice. Strong voices, dramatic cheesy strings, and some great harmony. Thank you, Croatia!

5: Emmelie De Forest - Only Teardrops (Denmark)
Like the flute melody. Chorus is not amazing, but the song is pretty decent overall.

6: Dina Garipova - What If (Russia)
Ooh, it's good for a ballad, I think. Got at least a bit of 'oomph' to it. Lyrics are cute, and her voice is very nice.

7: Zlata Ognevich - Gravity (Ukraine)
Another ballad... but a DAMN GOOD ONE. Well, it starts as a ballad, anyway. Love how that first chorus just comes in like BOOM. YES, UKRAINE. YES INDEED.

8: Anouk - Birds (The Netherlands)
I think this is another fucking ballad year. Ahahaha. xD This is gooood, though. Her voice is gorgeous. And that chorus... YES. GOOSEBUMPS. THIS HAD BETTER GET THROUGH TO THE FINAL.

9: Who See - Igranka (Montenegro)
MONTENEGRO, YES. YES. FUCK. YES. Fuckin' dubstep in the Eurovision HELL FUCK YES WOOOO

10: Andrius Pojavis - Something (Lithuania)
Decent, and I love how the guy looks so fuckin' happy, but the chorus is kinda meh.

11: Alyona Lanskaya - Solayoh (Belarus)
This miiiight just grow on me. It's certainly cheesy enough, and I can see myself singing, "SOLAAAAYOH!!" really loudly in future years while dance-flailing about happily. Ahee

12: Aliona Moon - O Mie (Moldova)
Hmm... quite nice, but not amazing.

13: Ryan Dolan - Only Love Survives (Ireland)
S'alright. A third Jedward entry might have been more fun, though :P

14: Despina Olympiou - An me thimasai (Cyprus)
Nice, but nowt special, although it's nice to hear some Greek.

15: Roberto Bellarosa - Love Kills (Belgium)
Ooh. Does Belgium have a chance of not being left in the dust this year? This could really grow on me.

16: Moje 3 - Ljubav je svuda (Serbia)
Serbia... I guess you weren't sure what to follow up Željko Joksimović with, huh. You can do better than this, though!

My faves of tonight were MONTENEGRO and The Netherlands.
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