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Final (10.05.14.)

12: Elaiza - Is It Right! (Germany)
Chorus isn't amazing, but I think I like this. The intro and verses are cool.

14: Twin Twin - Moustache (France)
Hahahahaha! Yeah, I think I like this one too. ♪ J'VOULAIS UNE MOUSTACHE ♪

16: Emma - La mia città (Italy)
Not bad. Certainly got some life to it, and I like her voice. Might grow on me.

19: Ruth Lorenzo - Dancing in the Rain (Spain)
Oooooh this could be an earworm. I'm not blown away by it, but it's nice and possibly one to sing along to in future years.

23: Basim - Cliché Love Song (Denmark)
Nice voice. Cute and fun and silly. I'm smiling. I like it. Ooh yes.

26: Molly - Children of the Universe (United Kingdom)
Miracle of miracles, I actually like this song. Yes, the United Kingdom has actually entered something that is somewhat decent this year, and it even sounds like a proper Eurovision song. Bravo, us! Obviously we're not going to win, but I've already found myself singing this at random a bunch of times since I first heard it because it's actually memorable and catchy like whoa.

The Big Five + previous winner are too good this year, what is happening. It seems a shame that these songs weren't in the semi-finals with everyone else's entries, because then maybe Europe might find it justifiable to vote for them. Oh well.

Looks like Austria are going to win. Although I wasn't too taken with her song, I'm amused at the thought that a drag queen winning the contest might piss Russia off. Heh heh.
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