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Final (13.05.17.)

9: Francesco Gabbani - Occadentali's Karma (Italy)
Ooh, a nice disco beat! And LOL, random dancing gorilla?! Judging by the background images, that had something to do with the lyrics? Which are also clearly referencing Buddhist concepts ("Nirvana", "karma" etc.); interesting. Will have to look those up, then. A fun tune from Italy! And plus points for being (mostly) in Italian.

16: Manel Navarro - Do It For Your Lover (Spain)
Ooh, Spanish, yay! Good on you, Spain. And y'know, I think I like this! A fun, chill tune. I'm smiling. :) And dancing now. Ehehe

18: Lucie Jones - Never Give Up On You (United Kingdom)
LOL, some people have been saying, "I think Lucie Jones could even win this year!" I'm hearing this for the first time, and uh... nah. xD It's such a nothing song. Nothing notable about it. What the fuck is up with us sending so much bland boringness? Seriously, this is the entry that made people say we're upping our Eurovision game this year?! Delusion at its finest! This has 'We Just Don't Care' written all over it!

21: Levina - Perfect Life (Germany)
Okay, not bad. Nice cheese factor, buuuut that chorus is... eh.

22: O.Torvald - Time (Ukraine)
Oooooh, not bad! Could grow on me. Mmmm, that guitar break.

26: Alma - Requiem (France)
In French! Good on you, France. OOOOH THAT CHORUS. YESSSSS FRANCE.

WHO WILL WIN? WHOOOOO WILL WIN?? Some people are saying it might be Portugal, which would be amazing because a) they hadn't gone through to the Final for 7 years before this, b) it's one of the few entries in the country's own language, c) the singer's a scruffy cinnamon roll with a heart condition and since his song is also just v pretty (cause even the sweetest of cinnamon rolls could never make me want them to win a song contest with a shit song let me tell ya) it would be a Nice Thing In The World if he won. But let's see...
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