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Final (26.05.12.)

1: Engelbert Humperdinck - Love Will Set You Free (United Kingdom)
What a dull fucking song. Seriously. Did we send this in because we don't have enough money to host the Eurovision next year?

09: Anggun - Echo (You and I) (France)
Nice intro and nice electronic sound, but slightly naff chorus.

10: Nina Zilli - L'amore è femmina (Out of Love) (Italy)
Pretty good. Reminiscent of Amy Winehouse.

13: Sabina Babayeva - When the Music Dies (Azerbaijan)
Dramatic, good voice... but just okay overall.

19: Pastora Soler - Quédate conmigo (Spain)
Not bad, not bad. Singer has a pretty good voice. Definitely not a winner, though, which is actually a good thing for Spain because they cannot afford to host next year!

20: Roman Lob - Standing Still (Germany)
Boring radio fodder. Hnh.

Congratulations Sweden! I'd kind of fallen in love with this song, so it was good to see it win. Was also glad they beat the Russian grannies TBH, because y'know... it's a song contest, and the grannies can't sing, as endearing as they may be.

Our boring, shitty entry got second-to-last, LOL, but Norway didn't deserve to be beneath us. Bosnia and Malta were far worse.

Well anyway, I guess next year's competition will be broadcast from Stockholm! 'Til then, ciao!
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