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Semi-final 2 (12.05.11.)

1: Dino Merlin - Love in Rewind (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Certainly not what I was expecting! Not bad, but not the best I've heard from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2: Nadine Beiler - The Secret is Love (Austria)
Would've been better with a dance beat TBH. Great voice, though.

3: 3JS - Never Alone (Netherlands)
Booooring. Next!

4: Witloof Bay - With Love Baby (Belgium)
Ooh funky. I approve!

5: TWiiNS - I'm Still Alive (Slovakia)
Unoriginal and uniteresting.

6: Mika Newton - Angel (Ukraine)
Blates gonna get through to the final on account of the sand artist, despite the boring song.

7: Zdob şi Zdub - So Lucky (Moldova)
Can't... stop... laughing! XDD Oh gawd oh gawd oh gawd WTF the cone hats WTF AHAHAHAHAHA

8: Eric Saade - Popular (Sweden)
WTF Pokeball?! (Look at the background during the chorus. I swear that's a Pokeball.) Ahem, uh... it's okay. Not as good as it could have been.

9: Christos Mylordos - San aggelos s'agapisa (Cyprus)
I'd have to listen to it again to really be sure of what I think of it. Seems interesting, though.

10: Poli Genova - Na inat (Bulgaria)
Seemed like it was gonna rock out at first, then was just mediocre. Meh.

11: Vlatko Ilievski - Rusinka (FYR Macedonia)
Another one that could've been more than what it is.

12: Dana International - Ding Dong (Israel)
Definitely not another 'Diva'. Not nearly as impressive, in fact. What is up with all the mediocrity in this semi-final??

13: Maja Keuc - No One (Slovenia)
Yet another one that could've been more than what it is.

14: Hotel FM - Change (Romania)
Chorus seems to be slightly lacking. *sigh*

15: Getter Jaani - Rockefeller Street (Estonia)
... *sighs and waits for the next song*

16: Anastasia Vinnikova - I Love Belarus (Belarus)
LOL I guess this isn't bad. Might grow on me.

17: Musiqq - Angel in Disguise (Latvia)
*sighs again, awaits Jedward*

18: A Friend in London - New Tomorrow (Denmark)
Actually one of the better ones of tonight. That's really not saying much, though.

19: Jedward - Lipstick (Ireland)
Even this isn't all that great, other than the inherent comedy factor of Jedward.

Belgium and Moldova were the best of tonight.

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